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About Toyota Prius Rims

Spoked, wired, domed, and painted Toyota Prius rims — choose the type of wheel that appeals to your style. Anyone who owns the Toyota Prius, in production worldwide since 2000, is stylish and eco-friendly. It makes sense that you want the best rims to fit your extremely fuel-efficient vehicle. When looking at the vast inventory on eBay, keep the wheel size and bolt pattern in mind. Most Prius generations use a five-bolt pattern for the wheel and 15-inch Toyota Prius rims. The wheel rim size can vary between 14 inches and 17 inches depending on the model year and body style of your vehicle. There are also three-bolt patterns used on a Prius rim. However, the four-bolt pattern is usually seen only on early model years. You may also choose among aluminum or steel Toyota Prius rims. The Prius does come standard with alloy wheels made from aluminum or magnesium. You may opt for steel as it adds increased strength and durability. Give your Prius the best-looking rims that also suit your style.