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About Tea Length Dresses

Times change and tea length dresses change with them. Almost a century ago, Emily Post, the famous author who wrote about etiquette and social grace, described a tea length dress as a hybrid of a wrapper and a ball dress. Traditionally, a tea length dress falls close to the bottom of the calf, with its hem a couple of inches above the ankle. However, what qualifies as tea length now includes any dress with a hemline that falls just below the knee and stops just shy of the ankle. Even then a modern tea length dress remains a sophisticated fashion item to show off the right amount of leg. This makes it excellent wedding wear. Tea length wedding dresses are perfect for brides and bridesmaids not only because they are elegant but also because they are also convenient for strutting and dancing. For a potent mix of traditional and glamorous, choose tea length lace wedding dresses. You can find these among the wide selection of tea length dresses offered by trusted sellers on eBay.