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About Snugtop

Over the river and through the woods to grandma's house is a much easier trip with a SnugTop latched over all the suitcases. Solving the age-old problem of where to put your stuff when it rains is easy: simply put a lid on the bed of your pickup. The large inventory of SnugTops, parts, and accessories on eBay has you covered when it comes to enclosing your truck bed. Pick out the commercial bed shell Hi-Liner series with storage cabinets inside to outfit your work truck. The gas-charged lift support struts make opening the shell doors easy, even when you are juggling your tools, and the fiberglass exterior is tough enough for heavy-duty use. A SnugTop lid is the low profile version of the bed cover that rides just 1.5 inches above the bed rails, and opens only at the tailgate of the truck. Lift shocks make it simple to prop the cover open when you need to access the bed, and a secure latch keeps your camping gear, groceries, or work supplies safe.