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About Slifer The Sky Dragon

With an earth-shaking roar, the great red dragon descends onto the battlefield, bathing his foes in torrents of crackling flame. Slifer the Sky-Dragon is a deadly creature card fit for inclusion in any aggressive deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards. His immense power makes him a perfect battering ram to build a strategy around, and he is a favorite among fans of all ages. An original printing of the Japanese Slifer the Sky-Dragon is an attractive addition to any serious collection of rare dragon cards, a divine beast-type who rules the skies through brute force. There are also promo Slifer the Sky-Dragon cards released at events and featuring special illustrations that can enrich one's collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and make for a deck that is not just functional but beautiful as well. With Slifer, you can embrace a true go-for-the-throat strategy where the ends justify any means and victory celebrations are held beside a crackling bonfire fed by your opponent's burning cards. You can find a Slifer the Sky-Dragon card in the vast inventory of trading cards and trading card peripherals on eBay.