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About Silver Panda Coins

You love and hate gift-giving holidays because you love giving gifts, but you hate the amount of time you spend searching for that perfect gift. Whether you have a friend who collects coins, who loves the Chinese culture, or who thinks pandas are adorable ? the silver bullion coin series called the Chinese silver panda coins may be the perfect gift you have been searching for. The first silver panda coins were issued in 1983. This makes the 1989 silver panda coin a significant gift because it is one of the oldest from the series. The 1989 coin is worth 10 Yuan and contains 1 ounce of silver. The face value of the coins ranges from 300 Yuan to 3 Yuan, and a gold panda series features all the same designs. Thanks to the impressive inventory of coins offered by the reliable sellers of eBay, you should have no trouble finding a 2012 silver panda coin or one from any other year.