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About Shortwave Radio

Tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, check. Now all you need is your shortwave radio because you would never consider camping without it. It gives you access to AM/FM stereo and shortwave bands wherever you decide to end your hike and get comfortable for the night. There is a wide selection of shortwave radios to choose from on eBay with features such as clock and alarm functions, telescopic antennas for reception, and digital displays. Pick up a shortwave radio with a solar-and-crank energy weather alert feature, which enables you to call for help in an emergency. The reliable sellers on eBay carry many portable shortwave radio models, such as those with Easy Tuning Mode to scan local frequencies wherever you travel. If your older short wave radio is experiencing sound distortion and bad reception issues, you can find shortwave radio kits with everything you need to repair expired capacitors and get the radio working again.