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About RX8 Engines

Sitting on the bench seat you have your eyes set at the starting line. Two Mazda RX8 engines are rumbling. Their cars and drivers see the light turn green and the two take off. The Wankel 13B-MSP rotary engine takes no prisoners and is built for speed. A stock 13B-MSP engine manages between 197 and 238 hp. Unlike its predecessors, these engines are naturally aspirated. This leaves room to upgrade and increase the power potential of the engine. A large inventory of RX8 engines and their components is available on eBay. Mazda RX8 rotary engines are powerful and require more maintenance than standard piston engines. The engine seals follow maintenance to ensure there are no oil leaks. The oil needs to properly circulate and keep the engine lubricated. Worn Mazda RX8 engine mounts pose a problem that transmits into cabin of the car, all the passengers will feel all the vibrations of the road. Mazda RX8 engines are able to maintain high revolutions per minute. The design of the rotary engine allows for the rotors to continuously turn without harming any of the moving components. Build your 13B-MSP engine into the reliable monster you always wanted.