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About Prius Navigation

The sides are bulging and you are praying that the suitcase you are lugging to your car does not explode on the way there. You quickly turn on your Prius navigation and hit the road for your cross-country adventure. Your navigation system is more than just a direction instructor and provides you with an entire in-car entertainment center. Your 2011 Prius navigation comes with custom wallpaper choices to decorate the background of your system. Wallpaper is not the only customizable feature since can change the way the navigation voice sounds, adjust the volume, increase or decrease the brightness, and much more. Each 2012 Prius navigation quickly reads all USB and SD media cards quickly and accurately. The system supports Bluetooth for a hands-free experience in the vehicle. You never need to worry about taking your eyes off of the road as the device syncs with your vehicle's steering wheel controls. In addition to the navigation, you can watch DVDs on your high-definition player. The large inventory of Prius navigation units on eBay allows you to choose the right one for your car.