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About Power Wheels 12 Volt Batteries

You can never forget the glow on your kid's face when he sat in his very own Power Wheels car for the first time, but you also never forget the shrieks of disappointment when the battery died two blocks from home. There is no need to suffer again; just make sure you have spare Power Wheels 12-volt batteries on hand. The cute cars come with a Power Wheels 12-volt rechargeable battery that includes a thermal fuse that automatically trips and shuts down when overloaded, so it is important to replace the battery with a compatible model. Your child can check the power levels himself with the four-light onboard display and let you know when it is time to charge, but your child should never charge the battery himself. It takes 18 or more hours to reach a full charge with a Power Wheels 12-volt battery charger, so having a spare is always a good idea. Some parents choose to modify Power Wheels to work with other standard 12-volt batteries, but you should never use lawnmower or motorcycle batteries, as there is a risk of injury. You can find a large inventory of Power Wheels 12-volt batteries on eBay to keep your kid charged up and ready for fun.