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About Pop Up Trundles

You can still make room for guests when living in a small space. Pop-up trundles are the answer to your prayers when it comes to giving an overnight visitor someplace comfortable to sleep. These pop-up beds rest on collapsible metal frames that slide underneath a standard bed frame. Usually available in a twin size, the pop-up is slightly smaller than a standard twin size bed at 36 inches wide so that it fits neatly without obstructing anything. The trundle pops up using two sturdy crossbars and stays in place with a spring-loaded bar that locks into place. You can find trundles with or without mattresses in the large inventory on eBay. A wire mesh with springs provides the support for your mattress that would normally come from a box spring. When using pop-up trundles, make certain that your bed frame is tall enough that you can slide the trundle with mattress on it underneath the bed to store both items together. Give your guests a real bed to sleep on with a comfortable trundle.