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About Pool Billiards

Ever since the release of the 1986 film "The Color of Money," millions of Americans have flocked to local pool halls to learn the games of pool and billiards. Although very few players ever achieve the greatness of “Fast Eddie” Felson, they can pick up both games quickly by practicing every day. Each game utilizes a different type of stick, but the games are similar in their structure and rules. Perhaps an easier way to learn how to play pool and billiards is to read periodicals that include tips, equipment recommendations, and entertaining stories told by the best pool players in the world. Interested players can find reliable eBay sellers who offer pool/billiard magazines or popular pool/billiards books. Typically, the most informative pool and billiards periodicals include graphics that demonstrate lessons like how to stand properly over a shot and the most effective way to strike a pool or billiard ball. When you spend some time reading about these two very popular cue games, it’s possible that your destiny may lead you a role as the feature player of a national tournament. Then again, besting your neighbor in a pool or billiards game suits most players just fine.