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About Plastic Tubes

Your craft closet is a real mess with stickers, letters, doodads, and thingamajigs that you use to make memory books and personalized photo albums. What you need to get organized is a plastic tube to store each type of item separately. A clear plastic tube is perfect for the job since you can immediately see the contents, which saves valuable time searching and rummaging through a big, overflowing box of craft materials. There is a huge inventory of plastic tubes of different sizes available on eBay. A tube is great for storing beads for handcrafted necklaces and bracelets. Put blue beads in one, red in another and so on. A plastic tube is also perfect for storing coins, especially silver dollars. Keep coin change handy in a plastic tube in the car to use for parking meters and vending machines. Handymen will also appreciate a plastic storage tube for stowing away those nuts, bolts, washers, and screws. No more cluttered tool box. Whether beads or bolts, coins or doodads, find what you need when you need it with a set of plastic tubes that you bought on eBay.