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About Nook GlowLight

Frankly, you felt disappointed when you opened up your Christmas present only to find the Nook GlowLight. You wanted a tablet; something to watch movies and play games, but that e-ink display dashed all hopes of that. However, the most amazing thing happened when you discovered how much you had grown attached to the e-reader. Maybe it was the paper-like display or the light weight of the device or the smooth transition of flipping pages but you have read more books with the GlowLight than you have ever read. It is only right that you find a Nook GlowLight cover to protect the device that made you discover how much you enjoy reading. While a cover will protect the e-reader's display, a Nook GlowLight case can also help prop up the device and ensure your arms are not fatigued after long reading sessions. With the wide selection of e-readers and their accessories available on eBay, finding the right covers and cases for your Nook GlowLight is only a click away.