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About Michele Watches

A Michele watch is more than meets the eye. The strap is made of purple alligator skin one day, but it boasts a gorgeous two-tone silver and gold chain band the next. Michele watches are famous for their interchangeable straps. In fact, the brand offers enough variety to allow you to wear a different band every day of the week for months on end. From a sophisticated black grosgrain texture to a hot pink patent leather shine, watch straps are available to match every personality and mood. The most popular strap size is 18 mm, and all you need is a separate watch face. A Michele Jelly Bean watch is a popular choice because the watches in this particular collection are elegant enough to wear for formal occasion, but they easily dress down to match everyday outfits, as well. A Michele Deco watch is another bestselling item. The timepieces all have rectangular faces and intricate details that invoke the glamour of old Hollywood. Browse the huge selection of Michele watches and bands offered by the sellers on eBay.