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Average based on 353 reviews
    • The saga continues in this AAA title

      Created: 09/06/2013
    • The galaxy of Mass Effect has been masterfully expanded upon albeit with the game play being streamlined. Having played through the original title years ago I was skeptical if BioWare could really follow through with all that was promised. I've waited to purchase till it was in the budget title range. I played the 1st hour not signed in with a ...Read more
    • Unbelievably better than I had expected!

      Created: 04/05/2010
    • I had purchased the original Mass Effect based on critical reviews. A fine game, especially at the time, but nonetheless I was a little nonplussed. I remember cranky inventory issues and somewhat clunky semi 'real time' combat. And to tell the truth by the time its sequel came around my grasp on story/character occurrences was a bit shaky ...Read more