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About Market Umbrellas

While jetting off to Paris or Rome isn't an option for just anyone, you can bring home a little bit of European street cafe romance with your own market umbrella. These items are perfect for keeping the sun's harsh rays away from your deck or using by the poolside. You can choose from a variety of colors like red, tan, or green, especially if you purchase one from the many reliable sellers on eBay. Made from quality materials, many a patio umbrella won't fade or rip over time, plus they come in different sizes as well. A large 11-foot market umbrella, for example, is ideal in an oversized backyard space, while a smaller version would be good on any terrace or patio. Some have useful features, like a tilting mechanism so you can move the umbrella as needed throughout the day. These sun shades are not only quite durable, but you can easily fold and store them away once summer is over. However, until then, you can stay out and enjoy the perfect weather under the cool shade of your market umbrella.