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About Leather Duster

When cowboys in the old days used to hit the trails on horseback, they wore long, leather coats to protect themselves from weather and from dust kicked up by hooves. Now, a leather duster coat can be worn for the same reasons, or simply to have a fashionable way to stay warm and dry during a rainy morning commute. Men and women alike can wear simplified versions of a black leather duster. For city wear, you can buy dusters that are not quite as heavy as those worn by men on the wild frontier. These leather coats are sleek and sophisticated, and typically provide coverage down to the knee or even further down the calf. They commonly include button enclosures, a belt at the waist, and a pocket on each side. Of course, there are also still heavy-duty men's leather dusters that provide serious protection from extreme elements. These coats may include a combination of durable canvas and leather, as well as multiple enclosures, and a rain guard for the shoulders. Both the lighter and heavier varieties of leather duster coats are represented within the vast inventory on eBay.

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