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About LeapPad Explorer

Instead of allowing your child to pester you repeatedly to use your tablet, hand him or her a LeapPad Explorer instead. A new or used LeapPad Explorer is a personalized tablet made just for children. Many LeapPad Explorer games are available that are well suited for children of different age groups. This children's tablet is more than just a video game. It provides a fun and engaging learning experience with the different games and applications available for download. Trusted eBay sellers allow buyers to search through an assortment of new and used LeapPad Explorers to buy for their loved one. Featuring a kid-friendly interactive design, this tablet helps children learn a variety of skills, including mathematics, reading, and science. Reading on the tablet offers an experience that traditional books cannot offer. Books on the tablet offer an entertaining cinematic experience. Give your child his or her own LeapPad, and the two of you can be tablet buddies.