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About Lawn Boy

The smell of fresh cut grass is quite the reward after a day of lawn care, and especially so when you had a hand in snipping the blades yourself. Lawn Boy self-propelled push mowers are recognized as a worthy alternative to conventional models that drain your gas fund but do not give you more bang for your buck. Many commercial lawn care professionals use the Lawn Boy mower. The Lawn Boy commercial mower is designed for efficiency, with a power mulcher. Other models, including the gold series, are available in good running condition on eBay. A Lawn Boy can be delivered using convenient shipping methods from dependable sellers on eBay, saving you time and gas. If you have a Lawn Boy that simply needs some maintenance, parts and accessories are available too, including a cover and recoil assembly, a replacement grass bag, steel wheels, and Toro blades. Lawn Boy gives you control over the nooks and crannies of your lawn, helping you keep it looking great.