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Promoted item:Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm 4.7 Lens for 4x5

Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm 4.7 Lens for 4x5

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  • Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm 4.7 Lens for 4x5 in fair to good cosmetic and working condition. The chrome filter ring has marks and there is some very light internal haze.
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This Schneider L lens came mounted on a 4x5 rangefinder camera that was purchased from renowned craftsman William Littman in NY.
9d 19h 30m left
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Rodenstock Sironar 210mm Copal 1 Lens 210/5.6 glass is GREAT SHAPE. The Zone VI 4x5 film camera is compatible with 58mm to 355mm lenses and is capable of capturing both standard and wide angle picture...
20h 15m left
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Fujinon t 300mm lens in excellent condition with copal o shutter that has f stops f8 to f64 with speeds of 1 second to 1/500th sec. plus Bulb and Time. Shutter fires as it should and shutter blades lo...
22h 41m left
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Crown Graphic 4x5 Press / View camera with nice 135mm Optar lens on working Graphex Shutter. Graflex Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4x5. This 4x5 Graflex Camera is as you see in the photos.
29d 11h 33m left
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Up for auction is a vintage graphic crown special folding camera with 135mm lens. Exterior is in great condition for its age.
1d 11h 42m left
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Sinar f2 with standard and wide angle bellows all in excellent condition. A Sinar binocular reflex magnifer. A roll film back for 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 frames with 12mm film. A polaroid back with a box of Pol...
1d 16h 55m left
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Offered for sale is the superbRodenstock Klimsch 360mm f/9 Apo-Ronar L large format lens in nice clean condition.
7d 17h 11m left
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Also included in this auction is the Caltar II 135mm, f5.6 lens. This is a private label of the Rodenstock APO Sironar-N lens of the same specifications. The filter size is 49mm and comes with front l...
1d 20h 30m left
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SHARP AND BRIGHT 75mm f4.5 Tominon (front and rear) included. Copal Press #1 Press Shutter standard #1 sizes all around. Covers up to 4x5 and possibly greater, usually as a macro/closeup lens.
1d 20h 36m left
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Good working condition.
1d 20h 59m left
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From Japan
Hello. I participate from Japan. I ship it in Japan post EMS. Refer to photo for details. Optics:There is no scratches,fungus,haze,dust in optics. ※I mention to points to be worried about.
4d 22h 41m left
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You are bidding on a gently used Fujinon W 150mm F5.6 lens in a Copal shutter for 4x5 camera. Very sharp lens. Glass is clean and shutter is accurate. Good luck bidding.
1d 21h 56m left
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Camera is in good condition. No problems with bellows. Compur lens is clean with no problems. Shutter speed work in 200 however the others appear slow so a clean and lube is needed. F stop works fine....
1d 22h 25m left
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You are bidding on a used Calumet Caltar-S 150mm (6”)f 5.6 lens (Made in Germany). Has Copal No. 0 shutter. Includes the following items:Calumet 4 x 5 studio monorail view camera on rod bracket -
9d 9h 28m left
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Hello. Up for your consideration this week is a nice Linhof Select Schneider-Kreuznach Xenotar 135mm f/3.5 ultra-fast large format 4x5 lens set in a Copal Press No. 1 shutter and complete with a Roden...
1d 22h 44m left
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The 4x5 Busch Pressman, Model D was manufactured in the 1950's by Busch Precision Camera Corporation of Chicago, Illinois.
2d 15h 12m left
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Goerz Double-Anastigmat 9½" Series III No. This lens is in excellent optical and mechanical condition. The glass is free of fungus and haze.
26d 18h 42m left
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Vintage Graflex speed graphic 4 x 5 press camera, with J. Hagee Triplex lens.No viewfinder, also something missing on top of rangefinder. Also one tiny screw missing pull handles under lens.
2d 15h 45m left
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GRAFLEX  Crown Graphic 4 x 5 Press Camera with # Lenses and Accessories EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING ON THIS CAMERA.  has been used recently.  sold "as is".
2d 16h 11m left
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I don't know a lot a bout this camera other than it has not been used for over 10 years. I do know it has a Polaroid back and what looks like all the right cords. Not sure of working condition, I don'...
2d 17h 22m left
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Probably the coolest 4x5 we've ever had come in our shop! The Ebony is beautifully crafted of super strong ebony wood and titanium, making it one of the strongest and lightest 4x5's on the market.
27d 16h 29m left
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This auction is for:1 - Ebony SV45 Field View Camera ~ 4"x5". This Ebony SV45 Field View Camera + Lenses, etc. 1 - Sliding Metal Matt Box. Kodak 4"x5" film dated 2001.
2d 19h 1m left
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Hello, camera is in good condition and will come as shown. Bellows are light tight and in good condition. Film back will shift for vertical and horizontal photos.
2d 21h 33m left
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This is a Graflex 4x5 Crown Graphic with Kodak Ektar 127 MM F 4.7 Lens, good shutter speeds, good glass no scratches or marks, range finder is working, external shutter release, ding in top..
29d 19h 44m left
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This is a large format 4x5 film camera. It is the legendary Pacemaker by Graphic Graphlex. The serial number is 868874 which dates it to 1951. Includes everything shown in the photo except the tripod....
3d 13h 29m left
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3d 16h 34m left
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Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm F4.5 XL Aspheric MC Lens. This is the ideal lens and shutter assembly for the Ebony T-1 4x5 View Camera. With Copal No.0 Shutter Assembly. Comes with lens cap and lens board f...
27d 17h 53m left
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This camera was made in the 1950s. I bought it in the 1960s and used it for ten or more years for weddings, still shots, landscapes, portraits. It works wonderfully. I have not used it for the past fo...
4d 0h 38m left
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From Australia
For sale - Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm f/2.5 Lens. For more information on the lens check out the facebook group Dancing with Speeds / Aero Ektar Squad.
4d 20h 15m left
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