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About Japanese Dolls

Stemming from one of the most ornate and stunning visual cultures in the world, Japanese dolls are captivating pieces that engage the minds of both children and adults. The dolls come in an array of designs, from the minimalism of turned-wood dolls to the rich detailing of dolls representing geishas with flowing, ornate robes and elaborate hairstyles and makeup. Doll collectors often enjoy Japanese porcelain dolls with delicately wrought features and details that make them worthy centerpieces of any serious collection. These options are sometimes vintage Japanese pieces, but many are replicas designed by popular Western porcelain manufacturers. Although they consist of more basic materials, Japanese wooden dolls are as ornate and carefully crafted as porcelain dolls in many ways. One of the most interesting examples from this category is Kokeshi dolls, which are traditional dolls from northern Japan made from single pieces of wood that artisans carve and paint through woodturning. To find your own beautiful creations in this vibrant genre, browse the selection of Japanese dolls available among the large inventory on eBay.