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About HTC Beats Audio

HTC Beats Audio phones appeared in 2011 and changed the sound of mobile telephony. HTC purchased a stake in the Beats Electronics company and began using the brand and technology in many new smartphones. The Sensation was the first to sport Beats software. Along with its 4.3-inch chassis, 8 MP auto focus camera with dual LED flash, and micro USB input, the HTC Sensation Beats Audio offers a large, but lightweight, landscape for business and fun. The HTC Sensation XE Beats Audio offers a larger processor than the Sensation as well as backlighting and accent colors that set it apart from other similar Android phones. The HTC Beats line includes a brilliant QHD video screen but it is the sound output of these units that make them unique. The software creates a more stereo-like equalizing effect that gives more top and bottom than the old sound boost technology of other phones that offer enhanced audio. As you listen to your tunes, you notice clear distinctions between trebles, midranges, and bass. Peruse the fine selection of HTC Beats Audio models on eBay, where the sellers have both new and gently used smartphones. If you already own an HTC Beats phone, check out the accessories, like Beats earbuds or replacement covers for your model.

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