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About HP 951

At first, the name OfficeJet seemed to promise a speedy and wonderful piece of equipment that would keep your projects running smoothly. It ultimately did just that, but it uses a lot of HP 951 ink just like every other printer quickly uses up its ink. You have to admit all those projects of yours were a contributing factor to the ink in the communal OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus running out. If you're lucky, a refurbished HP combo pack that combines all the major ink colors for the printer in one package is available. One or two of those and your printer is good to go for a while. But eBay's reliable sellers help you be more targeted in your approach to replacing ink. After all, why buy all the other colors if you've only burnt through HP 951 black ink? It seems almost wasteful to have unnecessary replacements around, but then again the others colors might run out soon enough. A stockpile of HP 951 ink ensures that you don't have to go hunting again because you already have the ink. You should probably hide the stockpile though or someone else might use it first.