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About Honda Foreman 500

With a name like Foreman, it is no surprise that Honda's leading ATV pulls no punches. In the world of strong, rugged, all-terrain quads, the Honda Foreman 500 is the ultimate workhorse. It pushes plows and pulls mowers with ruthless determination and just as eagerly sets off on trailblazing adventures. Key to the Foreman's stellar performance is its powerful engine and sturdy frame. The Honda Foreman 500 engine is a 475cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a high-performance throttle body. To direct this throbbing beast is a five-speed transmission with a reverse lever. The Honda Foreman 500 frame has a double-cradle design that is both lighter and stronger than the frames found in competing ATVs. Besides offering a generous ground clearance, the Foreman's chassis uses a double-wishbone suspension in front and a swingarm at the rear. The result is not only a truly all-terrain vehicle but also one that offers a smooth ride and handles excellently. Whether you need a tough ATV for your farm or want the most reliable four-wheeler to romp trails, you can find the Honda Foreman 500 among a wide selection of quad bikes offered by trusted sellers on eBay.