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About Gymnastics Mats

Your double layout goes beautifully in the air, but a hard landing on the gym's worn-out mats leaves you begging for newer and more durable gymnastics mats. Still feeling the effects of that landing after practice, you begin to search on eBay for a suitable replacement for your gym's current selection of mats. A search reveals combination mats that work well for gymnastics as well as other activities, including yoga, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts, and general exercise. Other possibilities include a pink folding panel tumble mat with extra cushioning for gymnasts of all levels, and a 10-foot exercise mat for learning new skills. Other possibilities include folding mats with a convenient handle for transportation, or lightweight mats for moving around the gym floor. A thick mat absorbs the shock of a hard landing, making it an optimal choice for tougher landings. Most mats fold easily with a multi-panel construction, although there are single panel mats as well as folding inclines. As you browse through the selection of gymnastics mats, you anticipate the next practice that does not leave you feeling sore after a hard landing.