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About GT35 Turbo

Monday to Friday at the office is a drag, but when the weekend rolls around, nothing can slow you down. It is time to jump in the car, head to the open road, and put your GT35 turbo through its paces. A turbocharger is an engine modification that uses your exhaust stream to power a turbine, compressing the air going into the cylinder on each intake cycle. By doing this, it is possible to squeeze more air into the cylinder, which allows the engine to burn more fuel, and this bigger explosion increases horsepower. Simply put, your GT35 turbo allows your engine to run more efficiently, which manifests as more power at high speeds and better gas mileage at cruising speeds. However, when you are shopping for a turbo, you need to understand the various styles and trims available. The GT number is relevant, as Garrett, the company that pioneered the turbocharging industry, groups turbos based on the turbine frame size. For example, the Garrett GT35 turbo family has a smaller wheel inducer than the GT45 family. Once you know which type of turbo you need, it is easy to find one through the vast inventory on eBay.