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About Ford ZF 5-Speed Transmission

You look after your Ford pickup truck like it is your favorite pet, making sure you feed and water it regularly — however, that crunching sound in the gears means that it is a little under the weather. Replacing or repairing the Ford ZF 5-speed transmission should have your truck wagging its tail in no time. Ford introduced the 5-speed ZF transmission in 1987 in the F-250, F-350, and F-450 trucks for both the gas and diesel models. These reliable units respond well when they receive regular servicing, but they have six constant mesh mainshaft gears, meaning there is considerable potential for a build-up of heat, which can take its toll if you leave the truck idling regularly. If you are looking for an identical part to replace an existing transmission, you can identify the unit easily because it has the power take off opening plates on the lower sides. When you want your trusty pickup to sound smooth during gear changes, search the large inventory available on eBay for a Ford ZF 5-speed transmission and replacement parts.