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About Ford F150 Transmission

You must have shifted several tons of cargo in your tough F-150, but the master of towing is sounding a little shaky when it tries to shift gears. You need to fix your Ford F-150 transmission before your pickup goes out of action. The introduction of the F-150 came about in order to avoid some emission control restrictions, and it went on to become one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States. There is a remanufactured OEM replacement Ford F-150 manual transmission built to exacting standards, which is a straightforward replacement for a worn out transmission. Manufacturers use the most up-to-date processes to build these components using high-quality parts. When shopping for a replacement Ford F-150 5-speed transmission, look for a model with new band linings and friction clutch plates. You also want it to come with a quality pump, with the case and valve body checked fully so that there are no leaks of transmission fluid. There are replacement Ford F-150 transmissions available from respected manufacturers in the large inventory on eBay, for all vehicles back to the first 1975 model.

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