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About Ford 460 Engine

Reliable, durable, powerful, and easy to acquire – the Ford 460 engine, particularly the latter models, is the gold standard for anyone interested in starting a drag build. The Ford 460 engine has changed very little over its 30-year production run, so finding parts for these engines is incredibly easy, making them great big-blocks to pick up if you want to start a car project. Later versions of the 460, starting after 1988, use fuel-injection technology, making them powerful for towing purposes. The latest years tend to have the most updated features; versions from 1993 until the end of production, for instance, have an improved cylinder head design, which facilitates even more power output. You can even find a police version of this motor, which Ford offered back in the 1970s, that features the extremely powerful Ford 460 engine block. The 460 Police Interceptor, for example, is specially made for highway patrol vehicles. The 1974 version, fitted with a high-flow in-tank electric fuel pump that starves the motor of fuel once speeds top 100 miles per hour, has an 8.8:1 compression ratio and is rated at 260 horsepower for exceptional speed and handling. Find your complete Ford 460 Engine in the vast inventory on eBay, and get your vehicle reading to race down the road again.

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