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About Ford 2.3 Engine

The motor in your Mustang has gone from smooth to shaky overnight, and nothing you adjust seems to fix the problem. If your tailpipe is blowing out more smoke than a chimney stack, it might be time for a new Ford 2.3 engine. Thankfully, you can locate a great new-to-you motor when you view the vast inventory of automobile parts available on eBay. Choose a 4.9-liter engine for your '91 Bronco or select a 4.6-liter Ford Mustang 2.3 engine for your prized 2003 Cobra. Pick up a beautiful new short-block crate engine and give your vehicle an incredible new lease on life. Alternatively, choose a good-quality used engine to save a little money. If you are an overhaul enthusiast, you might decide to opt for a rebuild kit. In that case, you can find all the essential parts you need, including thermostat housing components, distributor hold-down pieces, hex bolts, and more in a snap. Go ahead: order and install a Ford 2.3 engine and tame your beloved Mustang all over again.

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