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About Enkei RPF1

If you have a need for speed, you need lightweight alloy wheels with an uber-cool style, and the Enkei RPF1 is the "wheel" deal. Enkei RPF1 rims feature the same technology as Formula One race wheels used by the McLaren Mercedes Team, and they include the twin spoke design that offers better stress dispersion on curves, or when hard braking. Further testament to Enkei's dedication to excellence is the company's own "Spec-E" test standard, which is tougher than the Japan Light Allow Wheel standard, which all Enkei wheels meet and exceed. Furthermore, Enkei produces these high performance wheels using the Most Advanced Technology (MAT) shaping process, which combines a one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning, resulting in weight reduction of up to 15 percent. RPF1s give your car a sleek and stylish finish, but to cap off the look, you need some Enkei RPF1 center caps, with classic styling complete with the RPF1 racing logo. When you are out cruising, want attention, or when you want excellent performance at high speeds, the Enkei RPF1 racing wheel, available from sellers on eBay, is a great choice.