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About Elf Costumes

They come from mystical lands and hold magic in their very hands; grab a bit of the wonder with your own elf costume. From the Hobbit to Buddy the Elf, elves have piqued everyone's imaginations with their special powers. Tauriel from Lord of the Rings makes a wonderful girls' elf costume with its flowing green gown and elf-like braids. The tragic princess Arwen is majestic in white and gold, and her silver leaf pendant in a kids' elf costume that is sure to please any little girl. The sage Galadriel wears a long white gown and a leaflet head circlet fit for a queen of the forest. Elves are a favorite cosplay for girls and boys alike. Look for props such as nature themed jewelry, medieval style tunics, and simple hose and soft boots. Elves are famous for their archery skills, so bows and arrows are important props. Just make sure you keep them secure in the quiver for safety. Find a wide selection of elf costumes and other character cosplay dress-up outfits from among the wide selection on eBay.