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About Dell D830s

Packed with Windows power and myriad features, the Dell D830 laptop comes ready when it is time to perform. Offering Wi-Fi connectivity, Internet on the go is always just a click away. The 16.6-inch Dell D830 screen makes up for what it lacks in size by bringing video streaming and application screens to life in vivid color and clarity. In keeping up with your busy life, the laptop connects to secondary devices by way of multiple USB ports, including a powered port. The internal disc drive features a blazing 24x speed for playing and burning discs. When it comes down to safety, both internally and externally, the tough hard plastic casing protects against bumps and drops, while the Windows Firewall keeps prying digital eyes at bay. When you shop among the reliable sellers on eBay, you can find not just the laptop, but also Dell D830 parts and accessories. Packed with other entertainment and functional options, the Dell D830 laptop is an excellent option for those who prefer a small, but versatile computer.