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About Chevy S10 Pickups

A compact Chevy S10 pickup truck fits the bill for those who do not want to drive a mammoth gas guzzler or pay a lot more for power and torque they are never going to use. An all-purpose, everyday small truck, the S10 was replaced by the Colorado in 2004, but plenty of affordable used models are available on the secondhand market. Buyers should look at second-generation Chevy S10 pickups, which were made from 1994 until the final year of production. These later models typically offer better safety features. For example, driver airbags first appeared in the 1995 trucks, and passenger airbags did not appear until 1998. Four-wheel anti-lock brakes are only standard on the V6 engine trucks. All the trucks are available in regular, extended, and crew cab configurations with either short or long beds. If you already own a Chevy truck that you meticulously maintain, browse the huge selection of Chevy S10 pickup parts on eBay to find tail lights, grills, and wheels to keep your baby rolling.