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Bunk beds are a great space saver for the kids’ room, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Be sure to follow these tips to make sure the bunk bed is safe. Set up the bed in a corner of the room, so two of the sides are against a wall. Don’t put the bed under a ceiling fan or light fixture. Make sure the guardrail on the top bed is at least five inches above the top of the mattress. Check that the ladder is properly attached and secure. Install a nightlight so a child climbing down in the middle of the night can see. Clear the floor near the bed of objects every night. And finally, talk to your kids about bunk bed safety—they should always use the ladder to get up and down, and no roughhousing on the top bed. These precautions will greatly reduce the risk of injury. Find the right bunk bed for your family within the vast inventory listed on eBay.

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About Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a children's room classic and a summer camp staple and, though these multi-function beds can be perfect for kiddos, adults can use them, too. Bunk beds are versatile regarding style and design. There are sturdy, wooden bunk beds with ladders and ropes that look like veritable tree houses, ideal for boys who love to dress up like pirates and playact. There are sleek, modern metal bunk beds with built-in reading lights, bookshelves and other scholarly features that are suitable for college-bound teens. Whatever style of room or type of sleeper you're trying to match, chances are there is a bunk bed that fits. Bunk beds aren't just for two, either. A bunk bed with a twin upper mattress and a full- or queen-size lower mattress can easily sleep three children. Loft-style bunk beds consist of an upper mattress and no bed below but instead an open area, perfectly suited for a desk, drawers and computer workstation or even a dresser, shoe rack and other clothing storage, depending on your needs. Single adults in studio apartments or shared homes can maximize the smallest space with a loft bed. If you can't decide whether to turn that extra bedroom into a guest room, an entertainment room or an office, you can do all three with a loft-style bunk bed, especially if it has a futon built in below. Convert the futon to a bed when you have company, and prop it up into a couch when you want to read, watch a movie or work on your laptop. When you think outside the bunk, you can use this piece of kid furniture in many creative ways.