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About Autocom

You are driving down the freeway when suddenly your dash lights up like a Christmas tree displaying warning notifications for oil, engine, and possibly more. You could pop the hood and try to figure out what is wrong using trial and error; you could spend a fortune at a garage; or you could use an AUTOCOM car diagnostics system. AUTOCOM diagnostic tools are easy to use thanks to intuitive controls, and they help motorists to quickly identify, understand, and solve automotive problems. The AUTOCOM CDP (Car Diagnostic Partner) is a universal product suitable for use with all makes and models of vehicles. Simply plug the device into the OBD port on your car, using an adapter cable if your vehicle does not have a 16-pin OBD connector. If you are having trouble finding the port, the built-in LED on the CDP is a useful addition. Once connected, AUTOCOM software has all the functionality you need to identify and service faults. Whether you want a diagnostic tool for your home garage, or you are looking to expand the tech in your business for maintaining a fleet of vehicles, shopping on eBay for AUTOCOM products is a good way of getting the tools you need to succeed.