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About Arrow Exhaust

When it comes to high performance, your sport bike just has to breathe. A premium Arrow exhaust, designed for racing, helps your motorcycle to maximize every twist of the throttle. Often, Arrow collaborates with manufacturers such as Triumph to integrate its advanced systems into bikes straight from the factory floor. The systems do not consist only of pipes and mufflers. Arrow systems feature electronic programming that helps you achieve the speed and acceleration you crave. If you are not fortunate enough to own a bike that comes equipped with an Arrow exhaust, do not fret. There is a large variety of aftermarket Arrow systems for sale on eBay. Each one, whether it is simply a muffler or a full exhaust, is custom designed for a specific model. There is no guess work, here. Simply find the exhaust fit for your bike, and you can be assured of its durability, performance, and immediate installation. Arrow produces systems for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati, among other makes. One can expect horsepower gains of over 10 horsepower when compared to common factory setups.