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About Antique Cameo

When you feel melancholy, your finger against the antique cameo that once belonged to your grandmother. You used to always ask grandma if you could wear her "special necklace" and she knew how much you loved it. You make a mental note to get a new chain or choker for the antique cameo pendant and promise that one day, you'll pass it down to you daughter. Antique cameo pieces can be both sentimental and trendy, with a classic look that never goes out of style. They date back to ancient Rome, but became particularly popular in Victorian England, where the silhouettes gradually evolved from classical Greek and Roman profiles to delicate Victorian women. You can wear your grandmother's necklace with a matching set of antique cameo earrings from eBay. eBay sellers offer a great selection of antique cameo jewelry. Even if you don't have something your grandmother passed on to you, you can still find a piece of jewelry with history of its own.

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