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About 1968 Barracuda

Like its ocean-dwelling counterpart, the 1968 Barracuda has a menacing appearance with a sleek, aerodynamic design, while a turbocharged engine gives it frightening speed and power to match. This Barracuda prefers to roam urban environments, cruising down winding back roads and darting down the highway at lightning speed. The 1968 Barracuda joins a line of two-door coupe-style cars from Plymouth, a division of the American company Chrysler. This car draws design inspiration from its predecessor, the Plymouth Valiant. It shares the same wraparound back end with a long glass windshield rounding around toward the front, instead of terminating in a short square design. The Barracuda belongs to a line of American sports cars called "pony cars," a family that includes the Ford Mustang. You can find it in hardtop and soft-top versions; the latter have special storage panels in the back, letting you tie the roof safely back when cruising on warm days. This model features a long and narrow body design, which improves aerodynamics. It has a chunky front end, which finishes with large round headlights and a silver chrome bumper. Production of this popular model ceased in 1974, but you can still find plenty of 1968 Barracuda parts through the large inventory on eBay, where you can also search for specific components, like 1968 Barracuda hoods, tires, body kits, and whatever else you need.