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About 1961 Impala

Simplicity, design, and comfort are what come to mind when you think of the 1961 Impala. It is a race against time to snatch up a beauty like this. This gem is one of the most sought after vehicles and is a great classic. The 1961 Impala bubble top is one of the most popular from the era. Drivers had the choice between a hardtop and a convertible top Impala. The 1961 Chevy Impala comes with a toughened V8 engine and a turbo engine could be placed in some of the models. The car is known for its classic and sleek look. The transmission is either a three or four speed manual and it provided a nice drive for those who got the opportunity to ride in it. Chevy parts for the Impala are still available for you to purchase to keep your classic car in the best shape of its life. If you are searching for the right parts for your 1961 Impala, browse through the large inventory sold by the reliable sellers on eBay.