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About 1/24 Scale

Jim is a car enthusiast, and he has the biggest collection of classic automobiles in the world. However, Jim is not a billionaire: He collects 1/24 scale die-cast models. If, like Jim, you have big dreams of owning some of the world's hottest hot rods, most awesome Oldsmobiles, and sexiest sports cars, but you lack the bank balance and the space such a collection requires, then die-cast models are the answer. There are many brands of 1/24 scale die-cast cars and vehicles, such as Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and this scale remains one of the most popular. The scale means that one inch on the model represents 24 inches on the real vehicle, so you get a perfect miniaturization of your dream car that is ideal for displaying on a shelf or in a glass cabinet. If you are feeling creative, you can even search on eBay to purchase scale figures, houses, signs, and other accessories to create an immaculate 1/24 scale diorama. When you are working in 1/24 scale, you can create a tiny world that is only limited by the scope of your imagination.