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To keep things running efficiently,
check out our Transition Strategies
along with Best Listing Practices to
guide you towards better listings while
saving time and money when you list
your parts and accessories.

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Choose Your Category

Check your onsite inventory for eligibility. Parts compatibility is available on eBay Motors in most of the following categories:

  • Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

The following categories (category numbers in parentheses) are currently excluded:

  • Car & Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#66479)
  • Car & Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#50444)
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#140748)
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#80736)
  • Motorcycle Parts - Decals, Emblems (#35570)

Gather Information

Compile all your product info such as brand names, part numbers and compatible vehicles.


Edit or Create a New Listing

Edit an existing listing or create a new listing with parts compatibility. If available, use our catalog to create a new list, or include compatible vehicles manually.

(To find out which listing tools support these features, check out our Seller Tool Comparison Chart or contact our list of Certified Providers.)


Review Listing

Confirm your compatible vehicles in the compatibility section of your new listing and replace your previous listing with a parts compatibility listing. Your listing will show up when buyers search these terms.

Finish Listing as Usual

From here, you can continue to work through your listing.


How can I optimize my parts compatibility listings?
It's important to keep your listings simple and organized, so that your listings stand out to buyers.

Follow these best listing practices to most efficiently create your parts compatibility listings and to provide an optimized experience for buyers, which will help you drive sales. The results from following these guidelines will ultimately make for happy buyers and happy sellers!

Use our catalog by choosing from over 3 million products when creating your listing. This method will automatically populate your listing with compatible vehicles and will update car year, make and model information when new vehicles are released. The eBay parts catalog is currently available in Car & Truck Parts & Accessories categories only.

Add your own list of compatible vehicles if your product isn't in the catalog. You can manually include your own list of up to 1,000 compatible models. Create one listing per product and add all compatible vehicles to that listing.

Create up to 5 parts compatibility listings. If your part fits more than 1,000 vehicles, you can create up to 4 additional listings for your product for a total of 5 listings. Compatible vehicles must be unique for each listing. See our Duplicate Listing Policy.

Use your 80 character title wisely by focusing on search elements like brand names, part numbers and product features. Including compatible vehicle information in your title will not increase your exposure in buyer searches.

Choose a listing tool that supports parts compatibility. Our eBay tools support compatibility and so do numerous third party providers. Check our compatibility page to find out which tools can help you get started!